Design & Fabrication

Design & Manufacture

Bespoke lifting equipment has always been at the heart of what we do at RAMS. For over 70 years we have offered safe, reliable and unique lifting solutions to customers whose demands cannot be met by off the shelf products. In the design and mechanical engineering department we employ a thorough process to ensure the very best product is manufactured to the highest possible standards. 3D CAD modelling, prototyping and destructive & non-destructive testing are all services we provide, as well as the ability to certify, rate and test our products to LOLER and LEEA standards.

We have a manufactured a vast breadth of products over the years, and we pride ourselves on our impeccable safety and reliability record. Rope and Marine Services is a company who has survived on its good name for a reason.

Engineering Consultancy

We offer design and engineering consultancy at RAMS, whether it be lifting, general design or analysis based. Our consultancy includes hand drawings and calculations, computer based design and simulations as well as mechanical engineering reviews.

We can provide advice, scale drawings and hand calculations necessary for certain projects where lifting or general mechanical engineering expertise are required.

Previous enquiries include surveys and proposals for unique modular cranes, mathematical buckling analysis of carbon fibre poles and structural analysis of man-riding lifting assemblies.

Our engineering consultancy can be offered as a package that includes all the relevant information, in a single, easy to digest document, detailing each aspect of our process in a language appropriate for our customer.

Load rated design with FEA

At RAMS we offer a full package of bespoke lifting solutions. The process for manufacturing a unique lifting solution is not short, it begins with a design brief, moves through preliminary ideas, load calculations and computer based FEA, prototyping and finally manufacture, testing and certification.

Our on-site manufacturing and testing facilities include a fully operational fabrication shop including CNC Plasma cutter, cutting, cropping and punching facilities, hydraulic ram, as well as full welding resources, including stainless and aluminium. RAMS also houses full machining facilities, with lathes, mills and a large capacity radial arm drill. Due to the size of our warehouse, and on-site lifting facilities, product scale is rarely an issue.

All rated lifting equipment is tested and certified in-house by accredited RAMS engineers in accordance with LEEA guidelines, ensuring premier quality and peace of mind. Due to the weird and wonderful requests we get, we can manufacture test jigs to replicate the lift plan to the closest detail.

Standard Manufactured Products

Here are a few examples of bespoke products that we have designed, tested and manufactured.

No matter the job, we can help

We can manufacture small to large scale jobs in either steel, stainless or aluminium, with painting, powder coating, galvanising and yellow zinc plating available.

General Fabrication

RAMS offer general fabrication services, with coded welders, and machinist with full gamut of turning equipment at his disposal. We can manufacture small to large scale jobs in either steel, stainless or aluminium, with painting, powder coating, galvanising and yellow zinc plating available.

We stock a large and varied amount of steel on site, so many jobs can be turned around swiftly with no need to wait on materials.

Our facilities include folding, plasma cutting, turning, hydraulic presses and punching.

In the past we have fabricated electric sliding gates, playground structures, and various specialist clamps and brackets. Sculptures and art installations have also been manufactured at RAMS. With our wealth of experience in metal work and fabricating, we have the ability and knowhow to bring even the most complex of concepts to life.

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