HPS Hand Pumps

  • HPS Hand Pumps
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HPS - Single acting cylinders 

Max. operating pressure: 700 bar

All steel construction for durable use and high efficiency pumping action. Includes: hydraulic oil, carrying handle, reservoir ventilation plug, and many more features. Hand pumps are easy to use and operate independently of any external energy source. They are designed for a maximum 700 bar system pressure and will allow each hydraulic cylinder to utilise its maximum capacity. The two-stage system reduces pumping time.

 Stage 1 allows rapid piston travel under no load or light load conditions. The pump automatically switches to stage 2 when the piston is loaded and a higher force is required from top. The hand pump is an all-steel construction designed for rough use and has a high-efficiency pumping action. The handle can be locked for easy carrying. The large and easy-to-control return valve allows the operator to precisely control the return stroke. Other standard features include a large and easy-to-control hand wheel, air bleeding and oil filling plug, large support feet for stability, tilted tank to increase usable oil volume and ergonomic handle grip.


  • Operating pressure max. 700 bar.
  • Two-stage operation with automatic switch-over (except HPS-1/0,7 A).
  • Large reservoir volumes. With pressure relief valves, adjustable from the outside.
  • Precision-adjustable relief valve (handwheel).
  • Robust all-steel construction.
  • HPH pumps are equipped with a 4-way control valve plus a precision-adjustable relief valve.
  • Oil port thread 3/8 NPT.
  • Incl. oil filling.
  • Pressure gauges with corresponding adaptors are also available as accessories.

Model Reservoir capacity cm3 Displacement Weight kg
 HPS 1/0.7A           700 Single stage 7.0
 HPS 2/0.3A           300 Two stage 3.5
 HPS 2/0.7A           700 Two stage 7.0
 HPS 2/2A           2000 Two stage 10.0
 HPS 2/4A           4000 Two stage 13.0
 HPS 2/6A           6000 Two stage 21.0
 HPS 2/10A         10000 Two stage 27.0

Product information Product information

Technical specification Technical specification

Model Displacement Reservoir volume (cc) cm3 Displacement 1st stage cm3 Displacement 2nd stage cm3 Weight (kg)
HPS-1/0.7A single-stage 700 - 2 7.0
HPS-2/0.3A two-stage 300 5 1 3.5
HPS-2/0.7A two-stage 700 11 2 7.0
HPS-2/2A two-stage 2000 11 2 10.0
HPS-2/4A two-stage 4000 11 2 13.0
HPS-2/6.5A two-stage 6500 11 2 21.0
HPS-2/10A two-stage 10000 11 2 27.0


A, mm505410505520645645800
B, mm851008570656565
C, mm135105135145160215250
D, mm150125150150150180190
E, mm43354343434343
F, mm52355252525252

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