EGU 15E Li-ION Electric Pallet Truck

  • EGU 15E Li-ION Electric Pallet Truck
    Pfaff Silberblau
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EGU 15E Li-ION Electric Pallet Truck

Lifting capacity 1500kg


Joker Classic electric pallet truck is ideal for the internal application of transporting palletised goods on even ground, covering short distances. The compact dimensions and easy handling turn the EGU 15N Joker into a real alternative to a standard hand pallet truck. Electric controls and the powerful motor ensure a finely metered and rapid start. High performance hydraulic pump guarantees a smooth lifting of the load.


  • Safety control handle with the functions: lifting, driving and lowering.
  • Lowering speed can be finely metered for sensitive lowering of the load.
  • Pressure relief valve as protection against overload.
  •  Maintenance-free motor and batteries.
  • Opportunity charging at any 240v power socket due to integrated battery charger. • Strong DC middle-motor with electromagnetic brake.
  •  Battery charger indicator.
  • Entry rollers facilitate entry into bottom-boarded pallets. 

Product information Product information

Technical specification Technical specification

Model EGU 15N Joker
Lifting Capacity kg 1500
Wheel Base mm 1279
Weight (with battery) kg 165
Load Center mm 600
Tyre type* - PUR/PUR
Steering Rollers mm 200 x 70
Load Wheels mm 80 x 70
Stroke mm 115
Height Of Control Handle (min/max) mm 850/1295
Fork Height Lowered mm 85
Total Unit Length mm 1666
Overall Width mm 560
Fork Width mm 160
Useable Fork Length mm 1150
Floor/Ground Clearance mm 37
Aisle Width Pallet mm 1961
Turning Circle Radius mm 1570
Travel Speed With/Without Load km/h 4.2/4.6
Lowering Speed With/Without load m/s metered
Gradiant Without Load % 4/10
Battery Voltage  V/Ah 2 x 12/40
Battery Weight kg 30/td>